Leisure Parks, near Pierrefitte-Nestalas

For a few days’ stay in the region, on your own, in a group, or with your family, you won’t feel short of things to do – activities, entertainment, places to visit… For example, the little mountain train in Artouste, the caves in Bétharam, and in Médous, the Castle in Pau… And also leasure parks in the vicinity of Hôtel de la Gare.

Tropical Aquarium

A wide variety of fresh and sea water fish, from Oceania, Asia, the Amazon region,  and the great African lakes.

Aquarium Tropical
2 avenue Jean Moulin

The Donjon des Aigles

The Medieval castle of Beaucens shelters one of the widest collection of birds of prey : kites, vultures, eagles, bald eagles, falcons, buzzards… all sharing the free sky with parrots in the summertime

Donjon des Aigles
100 Rue du Château
65400 Beaucens

Pyrénées Animal Park

Come and meet more than 200 wild species and 600 animals with a superb collection of birds, bears, wolves, lynx, otters… And share some unforgettable experience in the company of the stars of the park : its famous, familiar, marmots !

Parc Animalier des Pyrénées
60bis Avenue des Pyrénées
65400 Ayzac-Ost

Argelès-Gazost Chloro’fil Tree Climbing

The largest Forest acrobatic tree climbing park in Hautes-Pyrénées. Famous for its 13 different routes which make visitors enjoy the sumptuous elevation of the forest dominating the whole of Argelès-Gazost Valley.

Parc Chloro’fil
Lieu dit Pouey Castet
65400 Boô-Silhen

Hautacam Leisure  Park

Hautacam is a middle altitude station, and it has a Leisure Park too. At its top, summer and winter activities are organized in preserved mountain  environment. Mountain sledge, electric mountain bike, downhill scooter, electric mini-karts, devalkarting, treasure hunt… provide a wide choice of activities for all.

What is mountain-sledge ?

Riding a two seat sledge (one can also ride by oneself only), you control your speed downhill  (from 10 to 45 km per hour) by actioning a brake lever. Comfortable and safe, this equipment provides unique feelings and sensations.
Accessible to persons with reduced mobility. Children are allowed from as young as 3, but have to be accompanied by an adult till the age of 7.

Open every day during schoolholidays (Mid-term, End-of-term,  summer holidays) – and during weekends and special days off in May.

Hautacam is also a starting point for treks towards exceptional landscapes and majestic altitude lakes, in sumptuous surroundings.

Parc de Loisir du Hautacam
65400 Beaucens