The village of Argelès-Gazost

Pleasantly situated between Pierrefitte-Nestalas and Lourdes, Argelès-Gazost is a lovely water-resort and tourist centre, as well as a picturesque mountain village offering a large number of bars, restaurants, shops, souvenirs, a busy open air market…

Not to be missed !

  • The tuesday morning open air market
  • The evening and night markets in the summer season
  • The jardin des bains
  • The Casino Park
Argeles Gazost et son marché
Saint-Savin Village des Hautes-Pyrénées

Historic Village of Saint-Savin

Dating back to the IVth century, the village is home to a XIIth Century Abbey Church, and has a long and rich monastic history. With its XVIth Century Chapel, its fortified medieval houses and half-timbered houses, and traditional Bigorre country houses with their henhouse, fountain, drinking trough, Saint-Savin is among the most valuable regional heritage sites in the region of Bigorre.

Parched on a promontory above the Gave valley, it offers a magnificent view upon the valley from Pierrefitte-Nestalas to Argelès-gazost.

Mount PibesteNational Nature Reserve

Mount Pibeste is the first summit you discover when travelling southward from the northern plains. Massive, monumental, the Mount Pibeste National Nature Reserve appear, towering, really imposing.  Its 2609 hectares of high limestone cliffs and mediterranean heaths are home to the most original flora and fauna. Nestling birds of prey are many in the rocky parts : egyptian vultures, bearded vultures, peregrine falcons… The rocky parts are also shelter to Pyrenean chamois ( Isards), bighorn sheep and mountain wild goats.

Massif du Pibeste Réserve natruelle